Release of “The Shadow Rune Project” 1.0

Delphi and Sadgit (known for his CRRG) have started The Shadow Rune Project.
It will allow players to experience The Shadow Rune Campaign without an overlord player, very similar to  the Fantasy Flight companion app Road to Legend.

Currently the introduction quest First Blood is playable, more quests will be added soon.

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Release of CRRG 1.0

User Sadgit on the FFG Forum released v1.0 of his CRRG (Community Rules Reference Guide).
The thread announcing the release can be found here:

Interactive: The “interactive” pdf is mainly for use on electronic devices. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).
Print: The “print” pdf is for professional printing. It is 6 mm larger (bleed) to allow for trimming after printing to get rid of unprinted, white edges. It does not include any hyperlinks. Format: 303 x 216 mm
Print@home: The “print@home” pdf does not include background images to save ink when printing at home. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).

An alternative mirror for these files is here on this page: