The Shadow Rune Project

Started by Sadgit and Delphi

Recently, Delphi and I started a project to adapt the regular The Shadow Rune campaign to be playable without the need of an overlord. We will be using the fantastic Valkyrie software under development by BGG user BruceLGL to provide a look and feel very similar to the official Road to Legend app.


As of August 12th 2019 we released our first full campaign, which can be downloaded directly in Valkyrie. All of the following 20 campaign quests are currently playable:

  • Introduction: “First Blood” by Sadgit and Delphi
  • Act I: “A Fat Goblin” by Delphi
  • Act I: “Castle Daerion” by Sadgit and Delphi
  • Act I: “The Cardinal’s Plight” by Dan
  • Act I: “The Masquerade Ball” by Charles
  • Act I: “Death On The Wing” by Charles
  • Interlude I: “The Shadow Vault” by Charles
  • Interlude II: “The Overlord Revealed” by Delphi
  • Act II: “The Monster’s Hoard” by Charles
  • Act II: “The Frozen Spire” by Charles
  • Act II: “The Dawnblade” by Tantum
  • Act II: “The Desecrated Tomb” by Tantum
  • Act II: “Enduring the Elements” by Tantum
  • Act II: “The Ritual of Shadows” by Tantum
  • Act II: “Blood of Heroes” by Tantum
  • Act II: “The Twin Idols” by Tantum
  • Act II: “The Wyrm Turns” by Tantum
  • Act II: “The Wyrm Rises” by Tantum
  • Finale I: “Gryvorn Unleashed” by Tantum
  • Finale II: “The Man who would be King” by Tantum


  • Use of the Road to Legend ruleset
  • Step-by-step exploration of maps
  • Quest-dependent customized monsters activations
  • Additional flavor texts and a number of unexpected twists
  • Adapted quest mechanics for the Road to Legend play-style
  • An overarching campaign phase with travel events
  • A Shop system similar to Road to Legend
  • The ability to rate your play experience inside Valkyrie


City Screen with shop system:

Campaign phase with quest selection and travel events:

Quest with morale system and monster list:

Tracking of learned skills:

Tracking of acquired items:

Rating of play experience:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and unpack the current Valkyrie release from here
  2. Start Valkyrie from the folder you unpacked it to
  3. Select “Import Road to Legend content”, click on the Descent button when import is finished (Road to Legend installation required)
  4. In the main menu choose “Start Quest” then “Download”
  5. Choose “The Shadow Rune” then “Back”
  6. Start “The Shadow Rune”


  • While the campaign is complete, there will still be quite a few bugs
  • We haven’t done a lot of finetuning yet, so expect some balance changes in future updates
  • Some quests have already been translated into the following languages: italian, spanish, german (can be chosen inside Valkyrie)
  • Please support us by reporting any bugs you encounter over here