The Shadow Rune Project

started by Sadgit and Delphi

Recently, Delphi and I started a project to adapt the regular The Shadow Rune campaign to be playable without the need of an overlord. We will be using the fantastic Valkyrie software under development by BGG user BruceLGL to provide a look and feel very similar to the official Road to Legend app.

To showcase what it will look like and evaluate how many people are interested in this, we adapted the introduction quest First Blood. Beware! Mauler and the Goblins learned a few new tricks! We think the quest is quite fun to play. Here are some screenshots:


  • step-by-step exploration of maps
  • quest-dependent customized activation instructions for monsters
  • reward system based on gold and number of available Shop Item cards
  • quest mechanics similar to the regular campaign but adapted to Road to Legend play-style.
  • additional flavor texts and a number of unexpected twists
  • travel and campaign phases at the start and at the end of each quest
  • use of the Road to Legend rule set, no additional rules other than instructions provided within the quest itself



  • First Blood v1.1 (included in Valkyrie) (zip) (Quest requires Valkyrie 0.8.7 or newer)
  • A Fat Goblin v1.0 (included in Valkyrie) (zip) (Quest requires Valkyrie 0.8.7 or newer)


  • Quest Design template (txt) (docx)
  • Quest file template (ini)


  • install the official Road to Legend app
  • download and unpack the current Valkyrie release from here
  • start Valkyrie from the folder you unpacked it to
  • select “Import Road to Legend content”, click on the Descent button when import is finished
  • exit Valkyrie
  • for quests available as Valkyrie downloads:
    select Start Quest and download First Blood (it will be saved in your windows user directory (%appdata%\Valkyrie\)
  • for quests not available as Valkyrie downloads: open your windows user directory (%appdata%\Valkyrie\ ) and unpack the quest file (.zip) there
  • start Valkyrie, select Start Quest and choose the quest you just added