By Sadgit:

The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) is a comprehensive resource for all Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rules. In its current form it features:

  • Rules from the base game and all released expansion boxes (except the print-on-demand expansions)
  • Rules for Road to Legend including The Delve in separate text boxes
  • Official Errata and FAQ published by FFG (oFAQ, version 1.6) and approximately 400 unoffical FAQs (uFAQs) to specific player questions integrated into the text.
  • Visual examples for “Movement”, “Line of Sight” and “Special Situations in Combat”
  • Tables with overviews on the content of Descent expansions
  • An index with hyperlinks and page numbers

When I started this project (in an over-enthusiastic and fairly naive way), I never imagined the time and effort it would cost. I also never imagined what I would learn on the way. And I definitely never imagined the help and the encouragement I would receive from friendly, dedicated and generally fantastic people who I would get to know. I cannot thank you guys and gals enough for this. For me personally, this project is as much about the journey and the things that I experienced on the way, as it is about the final product. And, in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.

From now on I plan to release updated versions of the CRRG in January, April, July, and October.

Current versions

CRRG v. 1.15 in English (interactive) (print) (print@home)

 History and ChangeLog

CRRG v. 1.15.2 in German (interactive) (print) (print@home)

 History and ChangeLog

CRRG v. 1.15 in French (interactive)

Available formats:

  • Interactive: The “interactive” pdf is mainly for use on electronic devices. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).
  • Print: The “print” pdf is for professional printing. It is 6 mm larger (bleed) to allow for trimming after printing to get rid of unprinted, white edges. It does not include any hyperlinks. Format: 303 x 216 mm
  • Print@home: The “print@home” pdf does not include background images to save ink when printing at home. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).


Special thanks to Zaltyre, any2cards, and Atom4geVampire and other people at the FFG  and BGG boards who supported me a lot during the creation of this guide. The German translation was done by Frankenraecher, tose and BSJBi96x. Thanks for the time and effort you guys put into this!


All images, art, and text from Descent game components included in the CRRG are copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games and are used with explicit consent of Fantasy Flight Games.