Obtaining Sands of the Past

Sands of the Past is essentially free. As we cannot simply provide a box with all components due to copyright and logistics, I put together two convenient options for obtaining Sands of the Past:

Package I – High Quality

Get all cards professionally printed. Only print Hero sheets and tokens manually. Order miniatures from Reaper Bones.


Small cards (v1.2) zip, final card size 41 x 63 mm, 425 MB
Standard cardsĀ (v1.1) zip, final card size 57 x 89 mm, 178 MB
Large cardsĀ (v1.6) zip, final card size 89 x 146 mm, 495 MB

Hero sheets and tokens pdf from printing at home
Rules and Quest Guide (v1.4) for professional printing
Rules and Quest Guide (v1.4) for electronic devices

Suggested Reaper Bones minis:
Burrowing Horrors: 2 x Ankheg
Sacrophagus Guards: 1 x Mummy Warriors
Elga the Pilgrim: 1 x Xiao Liu
Tara the Runemaker: 1 x Andriessa

Order 12 standard dice (16 mm; 2 of each color) and a dice bag.

Package II – Budget

Print all cards manually. Do not print Agenda cards (see below). Use available dice and minis as proxies for heroes and monsters.


Small cards (v1.2) pdf from printing at home
Standard cards (v1.4) pdf from printing at home
Large cards (v1.3) pdf from printing at home

Hero sheets and tokens (v1.0) pdf from printing at home
Rules and Quest Guide (v1.4) for professional printing
Rules and Quest Guide (v1.4) for electronic devices

Use available standard dice and colored tokens for monster activations (see Rules and Quest Guide).



For those of you who like professional high-quality cards (Package I), I have set up cards with bleed areas which prevent white lines at the borders of the cards. Download the three .zip archives above and set up a printing project at your preferred printing service. MakePlayingCards.com offers the correct card sizes. Unfortunately, MakePlayingCards does not offer Hero sheet size cards (101 x 127 mm). I do not see any other option than printing these 2 cards manually.

As a budget option you can color-print all cards from pdf files provided (Package II) and cut out the individual cards with a good hobby knife and a straight edge. You can directly print on cardboard or on plain paper to put the prints into sleeved standard bridge-sized cards. I have set up pdfs for single and double-side printing on A4 with cut marks. However, depending on the printer minor adjustments might be needed to correctly align front and back of the cards for double-sided printing. As an alternative, prints of front and back sides can be easily glued together with spray adhesive. A corner cutter is great to remove corners and improve the result.
Printing Agenda cards is optional as the information on those cards is also included in the Rules and Quest Guide. Printed Agenda cards help to preserve table real estate, though.

Rules and Quest Guide

Links to pdf are identical in Package I and II. There is one version for professional printing. It has 0.3 mm bleeds (size 303 x 213 mm), and is suited for professional printing using online printer services.
The second version is for electronic devices and printing at home (size A4, 297 x 210 mm).


The Reaper Bones miniatures linked in Package I offer excellent quality/price ratios. Monster cards included in Sands of the Past have been designed based on these miniatures. Reaper Bones hero miniatures are a bit larger than the 25 mm scale Descent miniatures of the base game but of similar size as heroes in the more recent Hero and Monster Collections.

As suggested for Package II, you can, of course, also use other miniatures you might have around as proxies.

Cardboard tokens

For Packages I and II you need to color print the 5 condition tokens and the familiar token for the Bandaged Servant and spray-glue onto 2 mm cardboard and cut out with a good hobby knife.


Road to Peril makes use of colored standard 6-sided dice (D6) during monster activations. You need to at least six D6 of different colors, optimally you have twelve D6, two of each color. Standard dice can be obtained from different manufacturers. I am using Blackfyre Dice – 16 mm opaque dice in a tube (BF400456) and a dice bag.